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Review of Maxstar Platform Sneakers 

Hello my dear followers! I’m extremely excited to bring you this review. Being a fan of converse shoes for over 6 years, I’m ecstatic to be sponsored by Maxstar to review a pair of their sneakers. A brief description of the company:

The MaxStar brand, founded in 2008 partnered long-time shoes guru, Julian Rhiem and the industry leader in quality and innovative shoes manufacturing, Michael Chang in Seoul, South Korea.

The brand started out small but quickly to grew to be known worldwide for its unique platform and double platform designs. Recently they’ve introduced the paperplanes shoes as well as the custom converse feature, where customers are free to do literally anything they want to their chucks.

The Maxstar website is at


If you go on the website, you’ll see a banner: “World-Wide 5 Days Fast Shipping Guarantee!” Let me tell ya, IT IS FAST and I love it. My shoes were shipped out Wednesday and arrived Friday at noon. That’s Shipping and return information can be found here.


The shoes arrived in this sturdy cardboard box. One thing I was surprised by is how light it is. Fedex tracking stated that it’s only 2 pounds.


Inside the box, there’s an extra pair of red shoelaces. The main item is the Maxstar dust bag containing the shoes. Inside, the shoes are also neated wrapping with plastic and stuffed with paper so they don’t lose shape.


Yay!! Here are the shoes! They are the C50 6-Holes Platform Low Sneakers in white. Of course, Maxstar Sighh, they are so beautiful and, white….. Anyways, I noticed right away how similar they are to Converse All Stars, yet different in their own unique way. The quality is as good as any brand name sneaker. I can’t find any issues like exposed glue or uneven, loose stitching. As you can see, the toe area is smaller than converse and is actually made of faux leather which feels sturdy and high quality.


One difference I noticed between converse and Maxstar sneakers is that the canvas of Maxstar sneakers is made of a sweat-wicking material on the inside which is a huge plus. It’s similar to the underside of backpack shoulder straps but more fine. This also makes the canvas softer. For converse, the canvas is the same on both outside and inside.


I applaud Maxstar for making shoes in its company’s country, unlike most other shoes companies. Am I the only one who’s sick of having everything made in China? Another noticeable feature is the maxstar logo. It’s very reminiscent of Converse, and some people might not like it. Personally, I don’t really mind. Maxstar also has shoes without the logo. I recommend these two!: Platform Boat Sneakers White , Platform Boat Sneakers Black.


Maxstar states their sneakers fit true to size, and yes they do.. It’s like they were molded for my feet. I suggest everyone to go half or one size up so you have room for comfort. However, if you like having perfectly fit shoes and you don’t wear thick socks, then go with your size. My converse size is womens 7, which is Maxstar’s 7 as well. They have a size conversion chart which is very useful.


Starting slightly below the red line, that’s where the platform begins. The website states the heel height is 4cm. In real life, they’re not too dramatic but still stands out because it’s a platform. I’m average height so a boost is always welcome haha. These shoes are very flattering on. They feel comfortable on the feet and easy to walk in! I haven’t had the chance to wear them out all day yet, but I can imagine it being a breeze.


Customer Service: ★★★

I emailed with Julian Rhiem, and he’s friendly and replied to my emails super fast, which I love!


Shipping/Handling: ★★★

Shipping was lightning speed, items in their perfect condition.. need I say more?


Price and Quality: ★★★

The price of these shoes is very fair, at $38.98. For the great quality that Maxstar provides, these shoes are comparable to other brand name shoes like Converse All Stars, and definitely worthy of their price tag. It might be hard to get used to the platform at first, but they are as comfortable as any other sneakers.

Overall: ★★★★★★

10 stars for the perfect platform sneakers! I’m not just praising Maxstar because I am sponsored. I really can’t find any fault in these shoes. I guess the only thing would be that they fit a little snug. I am the most impressed with the shipping and the quality of my shoes. Maxstar is very innovative with their designs and I can see why they are a successful company. Great job, Maxstar!


Before you leave, PLEASE go check out the Maxstar website. If you like sneakers, there’s something for you! Don’t have to buy anything, just have a look around. I spend a longg time on it just looking through their amazing selection of shoes. There are high tops sneakers, low tops, platforms, double platforms, hidden platforms, neon shoes, WEDGED SNEAKERS… Okay I’m gonna stop now.. ENTER COUPON CODE: LINDA, AND GET 10% OFF UNTIL JULY 20th, 2013. 

I’d like to thank Maxstar again for sponsoring me and providing me the opportunity to collaborate with such an amazing company. Best wishes to Julian Rhiem and Michael Chang!

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